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Published on February 14th, 2014 | by BU News


Classrooms by day, rehearsal space by night

BU: At night, the College of Arts & Sciences building transforms into a hub for many of the university’s clubs and cultural organizations.

Home to an average of 416 classes a day, the College of Arts & Sciences—better known as CAS—is easily the busiest classroom building on campus.

Nearly 9,000 students each day walk through the building’s arched doorways, taking courses in subjects from earth sciences and chemistry to modern languages and art history. There’s even an observatory on the roof.

“It’s kind of fun to walk down the halls during the day and, you know, it’s very academic,” says Ian Blau, a junior in the College of Communication. “And then you walk down at night and it’s like a completely different building.”

Once classes are done for the day and dusk falls, however, something magical happens inside the sprawling Gothic building. Classrooms, hallways—even stairwells—are transformed into a vibrant rehearsal space for dance troupes, comedy acts, theater groups—even a barbershop quartet.

“You can get everything on every level,” says senior staff coordinator Doug Bartlett.  “It’s a crazy slice of cake.”

via Joe Chan/BU Today | Image by Chandrachoodan Gopalakrishnan/Flickr

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